Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tigh Na Mara Resort and Spa

We had the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with a night at the Tigh Na Mara resort and spa. This jewel of a resort is perched on a bluff overlooking the beautiful Georgia Strait just south of Rathtrevor Park and the town of Parksville.

The resort gives the impression of a well-established local landmark. It's sited on almost 22 acres of well-groomed rainforest landscape, with quaint log cabins, some newer well-thought out constructions and a couple of oceanfront 3 story buildings, one of which housed our room.

The room was clean and quaint, with rich wood panelling and tasteful furniture. The view was spectacular, looking out over the beach and the ocean. On a blustery October day it was just enough to lay in bed and imagine how spectacular it might be on a sunny July afternoon.

We enjoyed the Grotto spa (an unflattering name in my opinion) with its large public mineral bath and outlandish d├ęcor, after which we snacked at the Treetop Tapas & Grill. Dining in our bathrobes did not seem too extravagant or silly, but dining in a room with a dozen others, mostly middle aged women, kinda did. My wife booked a manicure and facial and reported her satisfaction on the treatment and service.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying the gas fireplace and luxurious bedding in our room. Were we lucky enough to enjoy better weather we might have checked out the beach, the tennis court, the poolhouse or just strolled through the grounds. As it was we hunkered down in comfort and watched the tide come in from the comfort of our bed.